If your wine has stopped fermenting unexpectedly early or didn't start at all it may have been because the yeast hasn't activated properly. One simple way to fix this is by adding a  yeast starter. You will need another sachet of yeast & nutrient to do this. To get one sent out just send us a message and let us know your order number, where you ordered and your current address.

Making your starter:

We will let the yeast feed on sugar in warm water for a couple of hours before adding it into the fermentation vessel. This should help the yeast to wake up and will hopefully make them more effective once added to the fermentation vessel.

  1. Empty the yeast sachet into 50ml warm water and leave to sit for five minutes. This will start to rehydrate the yeast.
  2. Dissolve 1 tsp of sugar into 75ml warm water and add to the rehydrated yeast water.
  3. Cover and leave the starter to sit in a warm dark place for four hours. During this time you should start to see the water become cloudier and foam gathering on the top of the bowl or jug.
  4. Empty the starter into the fermentation vessel and watch in wonder as it magically springs back to life!