The simple explanation:

Yes that's completely normal and nothing to worry about. The yellow colour comes from the orange and lemon peel which infuses into the alcohol.

The complicated explanation:

There are broadly two ways of making gin.

1.Compound gin

The first way to make gin is by ‘compounding’ . In this method botanicals are added directly to a neutral spirit base. This is the method that we use in this kit. As well as adding flavour the botanicals can also add colour. In our gin this is an amber colour from the dried orange and lemon peel which is part of the botanical mix.

2. Distilled gin

The second way to make gin, and probably the way in which most good gins are made, is by distillation. In this process the spirit is redistilled after the botanicals are added. The distillation here is what makes the gin clear as any colours are left behind. Unfortunately distilling spirits without a license in the UK is both illegal and difficult, hence why we use the compound method in our kit.